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Explore the “who am I,” and, “who we are,” questions circling the postmodern world?

I am glad you are interested in who you are, fittingly concerned about those around you, and Western Society! Much suggests that we are living in the greatest reformation in history. Consequently, we need to observe and ponder a great deal.

In an age where bombarded answers overwhelm us, this effort leads readers to explore questions. Additionally, it directs readers to look at information and to take time to reflect. A unique feature of this book is the addition of insights from many eminent scholars, researchers, and writers. This broadens the scope for reflections.  The book’s layout is:

1. Postmodernism and Western Society
2. Postmodernism and Western Christianity
3. Postmodern Spirituality
4. Spiritual but Not Religious
5. Spirituality and the Brain
6. Spirituality and Mindfulness
7. Spirituality and Issues of Loneliness …
8. Spirituality and Education
9. The Future

  • Appendix A — A Practical Model of Spirituality and Learning Rooted in Adult Learning
  • Principles
  • Appendix B—Partial List Of Topics
  • Appendix C—Some Tools and Models Used to “Measure” Spirituality
  • Appendix D—Some Tools and Models Used to “Measure” Mindfulness
  • Appendix E—Mindfulness in Education Research Highlights
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography